A Thousand Vows – Happy Dirge

The already in 2010 produced debut album from A Thousand Vows had to mature a moment in the basement of the time, but now the baby called “Happy Dirge” finally sees the light of life via Samplefriends!


The happy dirge is a mix of fieldrecordings, beatcuts, out crazed pop melodies and a portion of guitars. The average speed is about 95 BPM and invites you to nod. In some places it noises, running out the clock, sounds playful analog – in some places some pop penetrates a bit through … But the time you caught it, it will once again smothered by the blanket of sound.


Ten songs that will let you recognize the musical education through old Anticon releases and also an interest in Zen Buddhism – titles such as “Cave of Tigers”, “Satori” and “Mountain and Rivers” quote the doctrinal writings of various Zen monks.


Available at Beatport, iTunes and Juno.

A Thousand Vows

The one man project A Thousand Vows (ATV) was founded 2010 in Oldenburg (Germany) by Florian Filsinger. ATV produces a mix of ambient, drones, hip hop and downbeat, sometimes with guest vocals or analog instruments – sometimes funny, mostly not. He does not like digital plastic sounds, so his aim is that his productions always afford analog impressions. ATV also plays live and had shows with Baths, Arms & Sleepers, Tarkatak and much more. Some tunes were released at labels like Gold Robot Records, Samplefreunde and Dirty Laboratory Records. He works a lot with Time and Jason Horodyski from Denver, producing with both their new records. Another love is making remixes for songs he likes. He describes himself as a part time hip hop punk.