Kamee – Seven Days

Almost after three years of creation process “Kamee” presenting their debut album “Seven Days” – a one week round trip through the sound universe of “Kamee”. For their debut album “Seven Days”, the musicians Elke Scholz (Jewel) and Patrick Viering, both coming from Kiel (Germany), used the common styles of electronic music to built a bridge between ambient pop and meditative serenity.


“Kamee” prepared their songs with great attention for production details. “We love to approach different genres of electronic music playfully”, says Elke Scholz. The music is like a walk in spherical worlds: bell-like guitar and pad sounds, a symbiosis with classical strings. Embeded in this fog of sound, the singing of “Jewel”, which appears hypnotic and jazzy, forming a thrilling and enchanting soundscape.


“You may also speak of dance music, the drums often come straight, sometimes a little bit fiddly, saying hello to dubstep wobbles and then disappear into the digital depth” says Viering. The debut album is a true sound experience, says Samplefriends CEO Christian Kruse, glad being the one publishing “Seven Days” on his label.


“The aim of ‘Seven Days’ was to catch a moment or a certain mood in the songs. It should not be a concept album”, explains Patrick Viering. The common favorite song is “Cycle of Life” – during the production of this song the two musicians had a very moving and intense time.


Seven Days is available as limited edition compact disc at Bandcamp and digital download at BeatportiTunes and Juno.


Elke Scholz and Patrick Viering know each other for almost ten years. At this time Viering was producing “ambient jungle” and “downbeat”. When Elke Scholz showed up and “Kamee” was born, the production stlye more and more went into realms of ambient. “I arrange the song completely before Elke gets the first listening …”, Patrick told about how “Kamee” operates. “… then I write the lyrics and the vocals for the song or also play guitar”, says Elke. “But the main instrument is a sampler”, Patrick explains. If the harmonies are done and the text is written, the vocals are going to be recorded and in the end then the arrangement and the pre-mastering completes the session.